About STS-350 Ground Surveillance Radar
  • Radar - 3
  • Radar - 2
  • Radar - 1
  • Base Protection
  • Airports
  • Military Airfields
  • Borders
  • Critical Facilities

The STS-350 provides a rapidly deployable, portable or fixed radar option that can be used in a variety of roles such as: mobile deployments; critical radar coverage between long-range radar emplacements; and installation/tower self-protection. The STS-350 will monitor and update more than 385,000 square meters. Up to eight remotely stationed radar sensors can be networked to a single central radar server. The data may be displayed at multiple consoles via Ethernet TCP/IP access. It is a highly accurate, government-tested radar sensor with less than three false alarms in a 24 hour period.

Benefits To The End Users

  • Operator assesses threat and formulates response, done in matter.
  • No need for operator to look at monitor prior to Radar alarm.
  • The STS-350 is an all weather, all light-level system with high-range resolution (0.5 meter range resolution). The STS-350 can detect crawlers as far away as 200 meters, personnel at 300 meters, and vehicles at 350 meters.
  • High detection probability even on low speed targets moving in any direction .
  • Low false alarm rate allows for automated surveillance system, no need for a full-time operator.
  • Arbitor™ common operating picture (COP) notified operators about intruder information, geo-location, speed and target ID.
  • Simultaneously intruder information is transmitted into Arbitor™ where associated cameras slews to the target and display live streaming of the object.
  • Arbitor™ also allows operator to decide if the Radar track is friendly or suspicious based upon the Zone type (i.e., alarm zone or neutral zone).