FFT Secure Fence™

About FFT Secure Fence™
  • FFT-1
  • FFT-2
  • FFT-3
  • FFT-4
  • FFT-5
  • Military bases
  • Government facilities
  • Oil refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Power plants
  • Sea ports
  • Country borders
  • Airports

With an FFT Secure Fence™ system, you can detect and locate intrusions on perimeters and borders that were, until now, always thought to be too expensive to protect. The low cost fiber optic sensor cable is easily attached to the fence, pinpointing the location of an intrusion to within 25 meters (75 feet) or better, regardless of the fence length. FFT’s ARaD advanced signal processing reduces nuisance alarms, while maintaining high sensitivity to intrusions.

Benefits To The End Users

  • Know the exact location or Zone on SiteMap by pinpointing intrusion to better than 25 meters (75 feet) on FFT approved fences up to 80km or 50 miles long.
  • Instantly display event and GPS co-ordinates onto a SiteMap for a rapid response.
  • Automatically brings up LiveStreaming from the associated camera(s) on separate container when intrusion occurs.
  • Workflow driven functionality to automatically call preset position on PTZ enable camera(s).
  • Announce predefined messages on speaker when intrusion occurs.
  • Perform action on the other devices, for example when FFT intrusion occurs close all the gates automatically.