About Intrepid™
  • Intrepid-1
  • Intrepid-2
  • Intrepid-3
  • Intrepid-4
  • Chemical Plants
  • Prisons
  • Airports
  • Seaports
  • Base & Force Protection
  • Borders
  • Critical Facilities

INTREPID™ sensors and I/O modules are seamlessly networked via a common, open architecture communications protocol – the INTREPID™ Polling Protocol – using standard RS422 serial data interface. Network connections may be via copper wire, fiber optic cable or wireless (TCP/IP) method.

Benefits To The End Users

  • New-generation INTREPID™ sensors offer enhanced features and unique detection capabilities to reliably protect the highest security sites and perform in harsh climatic extremes.
  • Detection of cut or climb attempts.
  • Pinpoints intrusion attempts to 3m / 10ft.
  • Solves environmental nuisance alarm problems.
  • To assign detection zones, the system controller auto-discovers networked alarm inputs to confirm proper configuration.
  • When an intrusion attempt occurs, alarm data is communicated to the controller and its location is displayed on a graphic map.
  • INTREPID™ sensors can be also associated with specific outputs – such as camera presets – so that when the perimeter is breached, precise visual assessment is achieved.
  • Integrating the INTREPID™ system into Arbitor™ PSIM allows the Arbitor™ workflows to design autonomic commands that focus cameras and other devices to the area of interest once an INTREPID™ sensors has been activated.