Law enforcement Digital Information Management Solution (DIMS)

Digital Information Management System (DIMS)
  • DIMS-1
  • DIMS-2
  • DIMS-3
  • Government & Law Enforcement
  • Police Department
  • Crime Lab

That manages the acquisition and authentication of all forms of digital and evidence information including imagery (video and static including image enhancement history recording) providing chain of custody and log tracking with full redundant storage, automated information distribution and comparative analysis . Strong business rules capability to enforce automated compliance with policies and operating procedures, and most of all DIMS complies with worldwide evidence management standards. Installed in over 500 police law enforcement agencies and courts systems

DIMS has provided solutions for complex chain of custody and digital evidence management requirements in a 24/7/365 environment for more than 25 years. Any loss of digital evidence would be catastrophic to an agency’s reputation. Everything that the DIMS solution provides is absolutely “Mission Critical” to the everyday operations of a Police or Sheriff’s Department and successful investigation, capture, and prosecution of criminals is directly dependent on the systems that we provide. The solution was designed for large agency implementation and that coupled with the scalability, supportability, and affordability has been a major reason hundreds of departments choose Linear for their Digital Evidence and Interview Management needs. Why DIMS Zone APS has partnered with the DIMS software, as an opportunity arose where an end user required the DIMS monitors to be integrated into Arbitor™ Dims is a powerful stand only software offering that Zone Aps is proud to promote and support.